Due to the niche we’re in, we only supply 25+kilo per order. This allow us to give discount to our customers.

No. We only accept bank wire payment, through Central Bank of Guinea.

We are only responsible to get the product to the airport and into cargo. Customers have options to buy additional insurance or use Brinks. (Extra fees will apply.)

This serivce is available to customers. (Extra charges will apply)

Yes, as long as your chosen destination has a refinery to receive the goods or Brinks to deliver it to you.

Once we get a confirmation from Central Bank of Guinea that customer funds has arrived, we will immediately process the order for shipment. Based on the frequency of the airline, it may take 2 to 3 days for it to arrive at customer’s destination.

Yes. With our minimum quantity mark, we will only take on customers who either come or send their representative. We believe trust and transparency is the foundation in this business, and so we put in effort to create relationship with our customers.